Organizing and Designing Certifications for Blockchain Technology

Trusted Blockchain Technology Certifications

Creating a trusted source by developing international blockchain certification standards
Working with Platforms, Industry and Academia to deliver verifiable benchmarks to the blockchain technology space.


Why Blockchain Certification Association?

Organizing a single reputable source for blockchain certification is our entire goal.  Seeking to establish an enterprise grade benchmark for certifications, and to create a single source for validation of those certifications.

At Talent Level

Insuring that individuals have the capability and understanding of how the technology can be deployed and used in a multitude of enterprise implementations.

At Teams Level

Knowing that everyone within a production and development team are fully versed in the technology and are capable of cooperative development within an agile or scrum development system. Teams can self-coordinate, accept diversity and enrich each other complementarity.

At Organization Level

Organizations are challenged by the demands of blockchain technology. Human capital considerations will determine the success of any effort as well as the financial and competitive success for an organization. Boosting distributed leadership through decentralization and mutual respect.

The great benefits of a Certificate Standard



Simulation and Gaming facilitate learning, making complex realities easier to understand and combining inter-related perspective. They help understand dynamic contexts.



Experimentation through games and simulations is particularly useful when applied to improving abilities and even in transforming attitudes, something difficult to attain using other methods.



Simulations compress time to offer a clearer vision of a diffuse future. They project our behaviour allowing to develop positive habits. They let us make decisions that have no practical implications.

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