Blockchain Certifications Your Can Trust

There are far to many organizations that are offering 'official blockchain certificates' that have no meaning. What can teh value be of a 6 hour developer certificate? The Blockchain Certification Association's (BCA) mission is to create global standards for blockchain excellence. Providing verifiable value to both employees and firms. Firms can TRUST that the certificates issued the the Blockchain Certification Association (BCA) meet the highest quality for verification of skill. No more guessing, no more worrying.

Blockchain Foundations

Blockchain Architect

Blockchain Security Specialist

Smart Contract Auditor

Blockchain Analyst



The Blockchain Certification Association works with Associations, Training Companies, Universities and blockchain platforms to provide Industry Standard Blockchain Certifications. Blockchain knowledge has become a competitive advantage for both individuals and companies. Individuals are able to have a basis to provide their capabilities and skills. Companies benefit because they know that potential employees really have the skills that they profess. Everyone benefits.

Get to know how you can benefit from an industry recognized certification.

Take Control of your Future

Training programs and knowledge standards provide you with the knowledge required to create, develop and manage blockchain implementations as well as your career

Recognition Around the Globe

Blockchain Certification Association (BCA) is the worldwide authoritative resource for blockchain career validations with certificate holders globally.

Personal Achievement

The Blockchain Certification Association (BCA) industry certificate is a great personal achievement recognized in the blockchain industry. Enjoy the pleasure of facing the challenge and achieving your goal, through a process that allows you to grow as a professional.

Grab the BEST Job Opportunity

75 percent of employers prefer to hire certified professionals for blockchain positions. The Blockchain Certification Association's (BCA) certificate holders are getting the best paid jobs.

Belong to a Community of Experts

The professionals certified by the Blockchain Certification Association (BCA) are part of a community of experts with common knowledge. Within the community, experiences and opportunities are shared.

Value of Blockchain Knowledge

The list of companies that understand the human capital contributions to an enterprise blockchain implementation grows daily. With the right blockchain knowledge and credentials, you can boost your career by driving innovation and efficiencies into your organization.

Certification Program Partners

The Blockchain Academy Inc.

The Blockchain Academy was the first training company that joined the Blockchain Certification Association. They are firm believers that certification must be created and maintained by an industry assocation.

brillium Assessment Platform

The Blockchain Certification Association work in conjunction with Brillium's assessment's software to create, manage and the certification assessments created by the BCA.

Government Blockchain Associa.

The Government Blockchain Association has chosen to work with the Blockchain Certification Association for issuance of their blockchain certifications.