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Blockchain Development Decision Microcredential

Exam Cost: $99.00 USD
Number of Questions: 30 Questions
Pass Score: 70%
Time Allotted: 60 minutes to complete exam
Exam Language: English
Voucher Expiration Date: One Year from Purchase
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BCA certifications are designed with our Advisory Board and vetted thoroughly by technology executives, instructors, and developers. All exams can be taken online via our online assessment system.


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BCA Microcredentials and Certifications are the independent method for validating your blockchain credentials with specific market knowledge.  

The Blockchain Development Decision assessment provides a basis for blockchain development, testing your knowledge as it relates to different skills, strategies, and decisions required for successful blockchain implementation.

This microcredential exam is intended for anyone interested in validating blockchain development decision-making skills.  Existing students to seasoned industry professionals and everyone in-between are eligible for this exam.  10th-grade reading and math skills are required.  This exam will difficult to pass without a formal training course. 

Identifying the decisions and participants in a successful blockchain implementation

Existing blockchain platforms – Open Source and Commercial

Understand the primary programming languages

Understand the hosting and mining options

Awareness of associated technologies

Determining the decisions surrounding the security of blockchains

Types of information that should not go on a blockchain

Blockchain platform decisions related to transaction speed 

Types of consensus mechanisms

Blockchain regulators roles for a business network

Implementation, documentation, and application development

Consortium blockchains and Sidechains

Node volume and security implications

Business decisions on private vs public blockchains

Disintermediation and industry implications. 

Official scores for exams come immediately following the exam. A passing score is 70%. Exam results are reported PASS/FAIL and you will be provided your percentage. Blockchain Certification Association does not report scores on individual items, nor will it provide additional information upon request.

  • Students are allowed to retake the test one time at no additional cost.
  • Applicants who wish to retake the test beyond the 1 additional time, must purchase a new voucher.

To take any BCA exam, an applicant must provide photo Identification at the start of any exam.

Any applicant that is unwilling or unable to provide a valid government issued ID will not be allowed to take the assessment.

You can register to take the exam here on the BCA website. 

Please use your Legal name as displayed on your government issued IDs. Your first name, last name, the use or not of a middle initial, and your email address must match exactly in these two profiles. Please also use your personal email address as your primary address.

How frequently is the exam updated?

Blockchain Certification Association conducts a quarterly review of all exams.  Based on that review, we can modify them quarterly.  However, our policy is to modify them at a minimum annually.

Will I need to update my certification?

Each certification has a term of 2-years from the date of passing the exam.  However, with a fast changing market, the value of the certification is subject to change.

I did not received my certificate?  How can I access it online?

If you pass your exam, you can immediately access your certificate.  In the event that you lose your certificate, you can login and print a new copy of it.

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