Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Beginners:

Nakamoto, Satoshi, 2009. Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
Szabo, Nick. Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks
How Bitcoin works
Antonopoulos, Andreas, 2015. Mastering Bitcoin.
The Bitcoin Wiki
A developer-oriented series about Bitcoin
Bitcoin – Digital Signatures — Khan Academy

Understanding Blockchain:

A Brief History of Blockchain
History of Blockchain
What is Blockchain and Why Does it Matter

Is the Blockchain Revolution Real

Internet vs Blockchain – Fat Protocols
Understanding the Lightning Network – Part 1
Understanding the Lightning Network – Part 2
Understanding the Lightning Network – Part 3
A (mostly) Visual collection of the Lightning Network
The Blockchain Academy Blog
Public & Permissioned Blockchains
Data availability & Erasure coding
A World without Middlemen
Cryptographic Identity in Blockchain — Blockchain at Berkeley
Cryptography behind blockchain
Hashing used in blockchain
When do you need blockchain?
Game theory and Network attacks
Do you even need blockchain
Bain on Blockchain in Financial Markets
Accentures “What every CEO should know about blockchain
Accenture’s “How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize Banking”
How Could Blockchain Technology Change Finance?

Bitcoin Advanced:

Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper
Bitcoin Transaction Malleability
Bitcoin Transaction Decoder
Scripts Playground
Official Developer Reference (version message)
Excellent Free API both for the bitcoin mainnet and testnet

Hash Functions — Decentralize Today.